Our Pumpkin Crew is Plugging into the Sun!

The Pumpkin People Festival is underway in Kentville, and our Pumpkin Crew is Plugging into the Sun!

The theme this year is Fables, Folklore & Fantasy; and while it’s a bit fantastical to think of getting power directly from the sun, our Pumpkin Crew is showing how it can be done!

The Pumpkin People Festival in Kentville is a highlight of the fall season, the town hosts about 300 quirky pumpkin people in various locations and has been doing so for about 20 years. It brings hundreds of visitors to town during one of the prettiest times of year.

Groups and businesses are encouraged to get involved, and since our new location on Webster Court has a great spot to display some fun pumpkin-headed creatures, we couldn’t resist!

The festival runs until October 30th, for more details and a map of the big displays visit https://kentville.ca/signature-events/kentvilles-pumpkin-people-festival.

And if you’re in the area to check out the festival, make sure to take a trip down Webster Court to see our Pumpkin Crew Plugging into the Sun!

Amanda Brulé

Amanda is VP Sales & Residential Projects at SKYLIT.